Glob Mop Tech:

While cotton swabs are a useful household and beauty item, they also have a rightful place at your dab station. Many dabbers use cotton swabs to prolong the life and flavor of their quartz by mopping up the leftover puddle after every single dab. Quartz nails are actually porous, so overtime the oil will seep into the nail, expediting the rate at which the quartz becomes worn. If quartz is not Q-Tipped after use, the leftover residue will harden and oxidize as the nail cools to room-temp. To prevent this, make sure to swab all of the leftover residue while the quartz is still warm. In order to be effective, you must start this process with the first dab on a fresh banger. While it may sound tedious, dabbers around the world have adopted this as a useful technique to save money and flavor.

Other Quartz Tips:

When heating any quartz, it’s important to only apply heat to the outside of the nail.

Make sure to never overheat your quartz. Many dabbers get their nails red hot before allowing them to cool, and this contributes to wear by speeding up the oxidation process.