Even more greatly debated than what rolling paper size, brand or flavor to get, is how the joint/blunt itself should be rolled. Whether machine rolled, or made one-handedly while the other hand cradles a beer, each cannabis connoisseur will have his or her own preferred rolling method. Neither is better than next, so simply select the style that suits you best.

An Easy Guide To Using Rolling Papers

Roll A JointSource: http://herb.co/2015/12/15/how-to-roll-the-perfect-joint-filter/

Start by making the roach, aka filter. This doesn’t actually filter the smoke but it does keep the smoke flowing smoothly and prevents last puff lip burn. This can be made from any thin, pliable card. Business cards often make the best roaches.

best joint rolling papersSource: http://www.imarijuana.com/rolling/basic-rolling/joint-rolling-for-beginners

Place your rolling paper long ways on the table with the glue side facing upwards. This must be the length furthest away from you. Sprinkle in your ground up weed and leave some room around the edges.

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Snug your rolled up filter into a short end of the paper, with the cannabis lying next to it. Gently roll the paper back and forth between your finger to compact the cannabis. Next, fold the paper down the side closest to you and start rolling in that direction. When you get near the end, lick the glue strip, twist and tuck in. Light up and enjoy.

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