What a carb cap does is create a chamber with restricted airflow for your concentrates to vaporize within. Most carb caps have a single hole which helps to create suction within the chamber, and this in turn produces a vortex that helps cool down both the air and vapor trapped inside. 

Like nails, carb caps can be made of either titanium, ceramic, glass or quartz. The type you choose depends on personal preference since they all function the same, and you will learn as you experiment that despite your first few tries- you will in fact get the timing right. 

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!"


Carb caps are also pretty similar in design since they each tend to feature a hollowed, rounded end which functions as the "cap", and the pointed handle end, which usually doubles as a dabber tool to help with concentrate application.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

We would highly recommend giving this product a try if you haven't already done so. Whether or not you personally feel this item is a game changer, it is hard to deny the logic behind it, and we encourage each and every concentrate user to try it at least once.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!